Why Sales Gurus Need To Talk About Trust

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In today’s contributing post will show you the importance of  Sales Guru’s building trust!

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Trust is at the center of all relationships, including those that you have with your customers. Without it, you can’t sell your products, and you go out of business.

But here’s the strange thing: very few sales gurus ever talk about trust. They’re much more focused on the more superficial activities of marketing and branding to pay much attention to the lynchpin of the entire customer relationship according to Jeff Acuff, writer of a The Relationship Edge at https://www.amazon.com/The-Relationship-Edge-Strategic-Influence/

Make Your Integrity Obvious

Your customers usually don’t know you inside out. That’s why you’ve got to make it evident to them that your business has integrity whenever you interact with them. But what does that mean?

Integrity is behaving in a way that is consistent with your values. If one of your values is excellent customer service, then show your customers that this is what you provide by going above and beyond to please them. If one of your values it protecting the environment, then make a song and a dance about how your office is paperless or you love paperless billing.

Apply Trust-Based Technologies

According to https://blockchain.intellectsoft.net/blog/rethink-trust-8-ted-talks-about-trust/, the way in which we do business is going to change dramatically over the next few years.  Blockchain technology, now maturing rapidly, will soon allow companies to interact with their customers in entirely new ways that were not possible before. The great thing about blockchain is that it takes a lot of the legwork out of building trust.

Rather than relying on fallible human beings, blockchain allows companies to enter into contracts with their customers based on a set of universally accepted rules. Trust is difficult to achieve, especially when signing large deals, but blockchain promises to take a lot of the uncertainty out of the process.

Always Be Professional

Customers want to see that the people they choose to do business with are professional. They want their needs to be taken seriously, and so they expect businesses to do the same. Unprofessional behavior is a signal that your company just isn’t all that bothered with meeting customers’ needs and undermines trust.

Find Out What Your Customers Really Want

Sales gurus will often hand out strategies to tap into people’s psychological propensity to buy from you. But often those propensities are fleeting and unsustainable. When people fall prey to them, they will often feel as if you took advantage of them – or at the very least, that they’re not happy with their purchase. It’s far better, therefore, to work with your customers to find out the truth of what they need.

Rather than trying to upsell, take the time to investigate how you can add genuine value to their lives. Going through this process might not net you as much money in the short term, but you’re more likely to get a customer for life – and that’s a heck of a lot more valuable.

Gaining trust is an essential part of any business relationship. Gurus need to talk about it more, rather than focusing on more superficial sales tactics.

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