Why Niche Blogs Are More Effective

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In today’s contributing post looks at what a niche is, why it’s important, and why you’ll increase rather than lose readers based on being more relevant to their specific interests.

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Sometimes, it can be tempting to want to please all people when blogging, but what tends to happen is you become a bland and generic blog that not many people read; they might stumble across it, but it’s not truly going to grab and captivate their attention.

What you want, instead, is a focused blog that speaks to a particular audience.  This way you will gain a much more loyal following as you will be very relevant to a specific group of people, and completely irrelevant to others, but that’s okay – as you don’t need to be relevant to millions of people; you just need to be relevant to a few thousand people that are deeply engaged with your area of specialism.

What Is A Niche?

A niche is a focused subset of a particular market group.  If you were to think about fuel for instance, you have the main petrol stations that all supply diesel and petrol, then there are niche supplier that you probably haven’t heard of such as New Era fuels that are very relevant to a specific audience – but probably won’t be relevant to you unless you have an interest in fuelling agricultural machinery!

The point is, it’s okay to not be relevant to everyone; it’s about finding out who you need to be relevant for, and ensuring you are extremely focused on their needs and interests.

Why having A niche is important

Often, broad markets are very crowded, as an example, look at all the stay at home, earn an extra income, virtual assistant blogs on the internet.  To rank high in this category will take some serious effort, time and money. However, if you go a little more obscure, and search for  WordPress virtual assistant blogs – you’ll find far fewer, which is this was to apply to you, would be a great niche because you can stand out as a big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in a very crowded pond with some huge fish dominating the space.

If you think of this from a marketing spend perspective, you are ultimately wanting to get the greatest return on investment possible, and in spending money on digital marketing (e.g. Google Adwords) the cost per click for an advert relating to something broad such as “budget travel” is going to be higher than something niche.

It also ensures that the person clicking on your advert is aligned with your blog, and more likely to subscribe and/or become a customer.  Think about it, you don’t want thousands of people clicking on your adverts, as each time they click it costs you money – you only want qualified prospects that are aligned with you.

Why you wont lose readers

It can feel counterintuitive to limit your market, by focusing on one specific group, but when you think about specialists within the medical profession, for instance, you can see that general doctors get paid $$ whereas specialists get paid $$$$ because they create a huge pull toward them, as people seek out specific solutions to specific challenges – and want to hear from the expert in that specific category; not a generalist.

When you shift from being a generalist to becoming a niche specialist you will become more relevant, and in marketing, relevancy is everything.

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