Why your virtual assistant should never provide you with a resume.

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The question that gets asked over and over again…..

So you may ask, what is this question exactly?

Should a virtual assistant provide a Resume?

Why A Virtual Assistant should not have a Resume in place.

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virtual assistant should never provide a resume


In my opinion no!

But in most cases when you are ready to hire a virtual assistant this is one of the questions that you might ask first.

Mind you that these persons might not know that they are not suppose to, but it’s really off putting if you know that hiring a Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor and you still continue to ask a virtual assistant to provide a resume.

The other day, I saw a post that made me cringe and I was wondering if I should respond. Mind you I didn’t respond but here is what the post read.

Looking for A virtual assistant!

Must know how to create awesome graphics and have been doing this for awhile,

Must be able to work 2-4 hours at least per day. Please provide your resume.

Now, I did not mention the application details for privacy reasons, but I was shock when I too was seeing other virtual assistants responding to this post and saying they will provide their resume.

It begs to wonder if these virtual assistants know that they are not suppose to be doing this, or because of a lack of education, they continue to do so.

Now I am not making any judgments on these virtual assistants, because everyone needs to do work and how you do your business is solely up to you.

Research before you continue to send the wrong message.

But clearly it sends the wrong message to prospective clients when, one set of virtual assistants are sending over their resume and another set of virtual assistants are not sending over their resume.

This is where I think there will be a breakdown in the industry, if these set of virtual assistants are not made aware enough of what they are suppose to do and not do.

As an independent contractor working for different walks of life, I wonder if these same individuals who send over their resumes has a contract in place?

It’s sad when a client asks for a resume’ because mind you they might not know much about the industry, but it’s really distasteful if you are operating as a virtual assistant and you do not thoroughly know more about what is expected in the industry, before you start operating your services.

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I know that I am not perfect, nor do I claim to know everything, but one thing that I made sure I did, was research what was expected of myself and my business and what I should be doing.

I started my research by joining this FREE forum and networking with other virtual assistants. Its also free for you to join and ask questions as you go along in your virtual assistant business journey.

Now, you might be different and might say that waiting to research and know everything will be time-consuming, in some instances yes, and you can’t know everything in details when you start, but at least knowing the basics of the industry is not nor should it be an excuse to say it’s time consuming.

What you should know before you start.

You must take the initiative to do your due diligence so as not to send the wrong message, especially if you are running a business.

You must take the first step to make sure that you know what is expected in your industry, because there are a lot of free and paid webinars available at your convenience to know how to.

When I started my business, I did not know anything, and I literally started from scratch by learning what I was suppose to do in becoming a virtual assistant.

The same way you started a business and I am sure and hoping you did your research, the same principle must be taken seriously in such an industry.

More importantly I want you to take away if anything from this post, the fact that virtual assistants are independent contractors which means that they do not provide resume’s but testimonials instead.

Another option is you are also welcome to ask for references if you prefer this method from these virtual assistants.

These virtual assistants are responsible for taking care of their health and insurance benefits and because of this they are not an employee of your company or business.

It was nice of you to stop by.

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Until then, happy hiring, and best wishes with your business.

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22 thoughts on “Why your virtual assistant should never provide you with a resume.

    1. I am so sorry that you had to experience this, hope when you are ready to outsource again that it will be a pleasant one.

  1. Informative post. I have been thinking about this for a while, I guess I wasn’t doing my research in depth about being a virtual assistant. I have all the time in my hand and I would love to work at least remotely. How does one start?

    1. That’s awesome that you want to become a virtual assistant. I have resources on both my sidebar and footer of my website. In case you missed on where to start first I would recommend that you join the VAnetworking FREE forum that has a one stop shop for VA related news, services, rates, job board and how to hire a VA and become one you can find this information here http://bit.ly/FreeVAResources best wishes

  2. I can totally understand that you want to emphasize the contractual nature of hiring a VA. But after reading your post I don’t really understand what the problem is with asking for a resume (or perhaps a portfolio and some references or testimonials.)

    It’s good to be clear that a contract will define the relationship, but before one signs a contract with a VA, it would seem important to know that the individual is capable of providing the services.

    1. Kyla, I did mention that providing testimonials or references are what should be used instead, because a virtual assistant is an independent contractor.
      Put it this way, you would not ask a Doctor, Lawyer or plumber for their resumes for their services and the same must be done for a virtual assistant.

  3. I never thought about this before. What an informative post. I never thought to have a VA cus my blog is fairly new and I can handle it alone for now. But in the future I’d definitely need one as I work full time.

  4. This was interesting for me, and I’m not a VA, but I hope to be able to hire one in the future. I looked for the answer a few times, so apologies if I missed it—but why should they not provide them? I didn’t know this was a thing, considering I see VA-wanted posts boasting resumes left and right.

    1. Jane, I think its because some individuals they come into the industry and do not know what is expected so they say “hey, work from home” it’s easy said than done, no research might not have been done so their will be some individuals who will misrepresent the industry. I always start by saying join reputable virtual assistant groups, boards and forums and then from there you will know the standards. All the best.

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