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Regardless of what many people might think, blogging is hard work. There’s so much more to it than just simply coming up with some content and uploading it.

That’s just the first step. Then there is the job of making sure that it’s not just going to be another post that’s going to get lost among the millions of other posts on the internet.

It’s likely that you have your own routines when contributing to your blog and making it so that you’re getting the traffic that you desire, and here are some tools that you should consider using with your blog that will make life so much easier for you!

Stock photos

There’s nothing more frustrating than finishing a blog post and then realising that you have none of your own images that will fit the blog post. Images are important because they immediately make your blog post more appealing for people to click on, and adding images and adding the right alt attributes mean that not only could your blog post be found using keywords and SEO, but through the text from your images too.

Template systems

One of the routines that many bloggers use when they are ready to share some content that they have just completed is creating a social media worthy image that can promote the blog post.

This is often very important for bloggers who use Pinterest to share their content, as it helps catch people’s eyes as they are browsing. Consider using a dynamic template system where you can create, store, and keep track of templates and other documents all in one handy place.

Templafy offer this service and can eve help you with brand control and compliance. Using a system like this will save you from having to create a new template or image from scratch every time you want to make a social media worthy image to promote your blog.

Sticky notes

Sticky notes are one of the oldest, yet most favourite pieces of stationary on the planet because of how simple, yet effective they are.

If you’re not already, begin writing things to remember on a sticky note and pop it in front of your desk screen so that you can rest assured that you won’t forget to email that important client, or invoice someone for some work that you’ve done.

They are very inexpensive, and will promote your productivity by a surprising amount!


Finally, all bloggers know the struggle of trying to share their content around the internet at the right time and in the right places. However, there’s an app called Crowdfire that you can link your social media accounts to, and when it detects that you’ve written a new blog post it will prompt you to share it.

You can add your own images, own tag lines, and even choose exactly when you want to share it so that you can get on and complete other important tasks!

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