ThrowbackThursdays of my life in pictures, from the past to the present.

How are you from the last time you read my blog?

If you are new, welcome to my blog!

Today I want to share a through the years post of where I was as a fashionista back then to when I was a teenager in heels to where I am now.

This post is all about pictures showcasing each milestone in my life.

If you have been following me for awhile, you would have heard me talking about that I really wanted to be in the fashion industry but somehow, that did not work out.

I was always a girly girl and love dressing up. So drum roll please of me sharing with you, how I always love dressing up and ready to take a picture with a smile.

So enough of the talking and more pictures, please!

The early 30’s

If you asked me 10 years ago what I would be doing? I wouldn’t be saying, staying at home and have my business online. I would naturally laugh in our face and ask doing what? So this in itself is an achievement for me.

16 and smiling

JuliVaglobal through the years pictures

At this age, I so wanted to be a model. I would practise different pose and my best friend at the time suggested that she be my manager and that I do some professional photos to get my portfolio out to the local model agencies. My dad basically told me that I need to finish school and go to college so that dream went out the door as well.

This was me at 21

Pictures of JuliVAglobal

I was so eager to get my first official job. I couldn’t wait to explore the world, buy name brand clothes and live the life of a party. Then I slowly came down to reality when I was a Junior Accountant and got my first bill.

Those in between funny pics

JuliVAGlobal in between funny pics

I could not leave without showing you pictures of me eating my favourite food and what I like doing best. I love eating some pepperoni pizza and everything that is fast food. Looking back now my fast years as slowly caught up with me and I am now planning on eating healthier.

The big 30th

JuliVAglobal through the years

I wasn’t one of those persons who was dreading turning 30. I was more like, looking through my life and saying to myself what I wanted to achieve and did not. I started my online business when I turned 30 after a few months of joining a freelancing site.

Now that I have branched away and started my own business.

I am so glad that the entrepreneurship bug bit me because I am able to offer services that I can help others with who might find this a struggle or do not have the time to do so themselves.

I know you must be saying why share these images? Well, it’s my way of letting you know more about me and what I had been doing now or posing for awhile.

Well, it’s my way of letting you know more about me and what I had been doing now or posing for awhile.

So what about you? What was your defining moment or pose that you knew that this was what you wanted to do?

You can share your images over on my Facebook page and if not you can comment here.

It was nice of you to stop by. Remember, if you need help, ask Juli! Until then, happy hiring, and best wishes with your business.

Photo Credit: Sandrine Palmer

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14 thoughts on “ThrowbackThursdays of my life in pictures, from the past to the present.

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures Juli! When I noticed that I couldn’t stop talking about ways to help people and the passion I feel when I talk about what I do, that was my defining moment.

  2. I think so many people now are in careers they couldn’t have imagined when they were younger — and who knows what the next 10 years will bring! Great snapshots into the process. 🙂

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