This Is How Not To Annoy Your Online Customers

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In today’s contributing post is all about tips on how to not annoy your customers.

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Online customers are valuable, right? For some business, they make up the majority of their revenue. What that means it is worth some time and investment to ensure that your online customers are kept as happy as possible. Happily, this is something you can find out more about doing below.

Rock your UX.

There are plenty of cut and paste website options out there but to truly please your online customer base creating a bespoke website from scratch is the best option.

In particular, doing so allows you to focus on the user experience of your site and make this as positive a process as possible, something that will help to keep customer annoyance to a minimum.

Of course, the added benefit of designing a site from scratch yourself or getting a professional to do this for you is that you can work in a sales and marketing funnel.

This funnel is something that will ensure each visitor is exposed to valuable content, as well as providing useful contact information to allow them to be followed up on as a warm lead later on. Something that makes it a win for your the customers, and a win for you the business.

Optimize for mobile.

Next, don’t forget that over half of people access the internet regularly over mobile devices. This means that websites need to be optimized for use on such devices if you are looking to keep your potential customers happy.

Of course, another resolution to this issue is to create an app especially to be used on a mobile platform. Yes, this may seem like a complicated an intimidating project, but luckily there are many professional app developers and app testing services out there that can help lighten the load.

Something that means you will end up with a great app that you know will work, without having to go back to school to learn the minutiae of programming.

Don’t leave them to fend for themselves.

While much of the internet is built on communication and connection, sometimes retail sites can seem like a lonely place. It’s just the customer and the information, and if they can’t get the understanding, they need from what is in front of them, the likelihood of them getting frustrated and navigating away from the site is high.

Luckily, this is something that can be simply addressed by including as many options for contact with your customer service department as possible.

Of course, this includes email and phone numbers, but don’t forget that many customers find it much more convenient to use social media, embedded chat boxes, or even messaging service such as WhatsApp.

In particular, the instant nature of these in very appealing to customers and it can help get queries and problem resolved quickly, and ensure that your customers are as pleased as punch with the online service you are providing.

Give them the same benefits as real-world stores.

Lastly, a significant way to hack off your online customers is to leave them out of the best offers and reserve these only for your real-world store. Yes, I know that the overheads and targets are often very different in these two situations, but from a customer’s point of view penalizing them for buying online is only likely to annoy them more.

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Don’t forget to check the sidebar and footer of this website for awesome resources!

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