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Here are a few FAQ categorised by each product in the shop.

Please scroll down to the relevant digital/video file, before purchase.

Also please note that each platform that is recommended maybe subject to change base on their policies and changes to the platform from time to time.

General questions for Terms & Conditions

  • If I am interested in purchasing from your shop, what payment method do you use? I use the Paypal platform.
  • What if I want a refund?  Please note that once a purchase is made via JuliVAGlobal Shop no full refund will be awarded, once an order is placed.  Due to the digital nature of all purchases, JuliVAGlobal DOES NOT offer refunds on digital, Video files and purchases.


Email Marketing Made Easy Video Edition 

  • What platform is mentioned in this video series? The MailChimp platform is used to navigate around MailChimp easier.
  • Are you associated with The MailChimp organisation? No I am not affiliated with them.
  • What can I expect in the video series?  The video series are 12 short videos (under 7 minutes each the most) which includes a welcome video along with a conclusion video. Also the series includes 5 videos showing you how to navigate around the platform easier along with 5 bonus videos with recommended tips on creating the main forms.
  • Can I share this video series with my friends? No, you cannot, nor can you replicate this video series and claim it as your own.
  • What can I expect when I make a purchase? A downloadable link, delivered with each video series.

Pre-written Inspirational Memes

  • What are memes? Memes are quotes that has images, text or none at all that can be used on your social media platforms and or website.
  • Do these quotes have any background images? No they do not.
  • What if I want images to be added to these quotes? You can do so by purchasing a package here
  • How many memes are in the pack? There are 20.
  • Can I use these on my website and social media platform? Yes you can.
  • Do I have to credit you? No if you do not wish to, but would be appreciated.
  • What if I want custom memes do you offer this as a service? Yes I do.  You can purchase a package here
  • What social media platform can I use these memes? These memes preferably fits on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.
  • Will the watermarks of your name be on the memes, that are on the preview? No there will be no watermarks once you make a purchase and download from the link provided.
  • I am seeing different colours, and fonts on these memes, can I still use them even if they do not fit my branding at this time? Yes you are free to use them as you like.
  • What if I am not an entrepreneur can I still use these memes? Yes you can.
  • How will I receive these memes? Once you make a purchase a receipt will be sent, along with an unzip file with these memes. Once you double click or right click on the unzip file, a folder will appear with the memes.



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