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Today I wanted to share one of the many opportunities that I had awhile back when I started online.

I had the opportunity to guest post on a fellow LadyPreneur who specializes in assisting women to speak directly to their ideal clients.

I have been featured and wrote my first online love letter.

Kristen allowed me to write a love letter to my ideal clients stating how I could assist them with their problems as well as the services I can offer to solve those problems.

I wanted to share this with you here; you can have a look at the post HERE

The reason why I am sharing this with you is that it’s imperative to know from day one who your ideal client is, as well as specific demographics such as their age, status, where they live, as much as their income and more importantly their pain points.

This is summed up as a client avatar and yes it’s a lot to do, but this is the easy part for you because once you do know whom your ideal client is, it’s so much easier for you to market to them.

The funny thing is that when I was working on a freelancing platform I was assisting many individuals from different industries. I was working with both males and females, their profession included Motivational Speakers,

I was working with both males and females, their profession included Motivational Speakers, Authors, and even Coaches.

The mistake I made was thinking that because I was working with these individuals it would be easier for me to work for these persons once my business was launched.

 Know your audience so you can help them!

Was I so wrong, I was all over the place trying to market to these individuals and offering value to the wrong market. Now, this opportunity could not have come at a right time, because I was introduced by another VA who showed me how to do my client Avatar.

Having done my client avatar now, I saw the opportunity to guest post on Kristen’s blog showcasing who I was and who my ideal clients were.

You can have a look here for what I wrote to my IDEAL CLIENT.

You are also welcome to learn more about Kristen Free guide on how to define your dream client.

Hope this was helpful for you, no matter what industry that you are in, doing a client avatar is one way in being specific to who you want to offer your services to as well as marketing to him/her directly.

By the way, can you guess who my dream client is? Let me know who yours is as well?

It was nice of you to stop by. Remember, if you need help, ask Juli! Until then, happy hiring, and best wishes with your business.

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  1. I think my dream client would be a travel company, I would love to work with a travel brand on blog and vlog content, I think it would be awesome x

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