Is There Still a Place For Promotional Merchandise In a Digital World?

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In today’s contributing post will show you if promotional merchandise still exists in the digital world?

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In the digital world that we live in, it may surprise you to hear that seven out of ten marketers use promotional merchandise when it comes to brand promotion. Is that a statistic that surprises you?

In a digital age, it can be, as surely we should focus all of our marketing methods online? But in reality, there are still plenty of people that do like to have tangible goods as a reminder, even if they are active online and on social media.

You can see that in ways as there are so many events throughout the world held in large conference and events centers, that are all about people coming to see new things or to try new things.

So if you want to give your business or brand a boost, could some promotional material be the way forward for your business? Here are just some of the reasons why that could very well be the case.

Lasting Impression

When someone has something in their home that has your name on it, then that is creating a really good lasting impression of your business or brand. From shopping bags to pens, these kinds of thing can be reused and used on a daily basis, all the while they are having a reminder of your business.

Have you ever been to a hotel and use the pen in the room with the hotel branding? Any time that you use the pen at home, you will remember your stay at that hotel. So for good or for bad, a lasting impression is created.

Long Lasting Products

When you are only marketing your business through online mediums, it can be a quick look at a banner ad or a something that is seen for a couple of second before scrolling through on Instagram.

And that is the thing with online, you can scroll past or even click ads or banner ads away. So really, that isn’t very long lasting. A physical and tangible item has a much longer lasting impact as it can be used in the home.

Plus, if you got something like pin badges, similar to the ones in The Pin Factory’s article, then they can be put on a bag or jacket and just left there. So there is plenty of impacts that they can have, and in many ways, can last longer than a digital ad.

Brand Loyalty

If we are honest with ourselves, then we need to remember that everyone, including ourselves, likes to get things for free. And if you are giving things away for free, then the impact that has is a great one.

The person receiving the item will associate positivity and happiness with those things, as there aren’t many things in this life that are free. They’ll remember it, and then if they see you online or see one of your stores, are more likely to linger for a little longer.

So don’t forget the importance of merchandise even in a digital age; offline marketing still has its place, for sure.

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