Is It Time For You to Start Outsourcing to a VA?

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In today’s contributing post will show you that today is the D-day to hire a virtual assistant in your business.

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Entrepreneurs have a tendency to feel the need to do everything themselves – perhaps this is through perfectionism, or a desire to control everything within their business, or simple frugality… and it makes sense in the early days, but as your business begins to grow, it’s important to consider the power of outsourcing time-consuming tasks that don’t necessarily need your unique skills to perform.  

Outsource your social media Post

For instance, scheduling social media posts is important in today’s climate but there are like to be much better (i.e. more profitable) ways to invest your time; and that’s the key phrase — invest — as an entrepreneur, time is something you should be investing rather than spending.

In fact, every successful entrepreneur knows the only way to get truly rich is to invest their resources (time and money) rather than directly trade their time for money in the conventional sense of a wage.  There are many ways to invest your money from the time-consuming property development to the more simplistic 401k investment plans – in which case you might benefit from a blooom promo code in order to make the most efficient use of your resources.

The key point is that time is precious, way more precious than money – and it can be “spent” or “invested”.  The majority of tasks small business owners find themselves consumed by involve them spending a lot of time on tasks such as social media marketing, which could be outsourced to a virtual assistant.

Outsource to a VA today

Today, a lot of companies, big and small, are choosing to outsource tasks as a way to lighten their load and focus on core competencies.  There are a number of specialist companies you can outsource tasks to though this can be an expensive option when compared to having an in-house personal assistant, or a virtual assistant.

The benefit of a virtual assistant is that they tend to work on a zero hour contract, meaning you don’t have the administrative hassle of employing someone or the financial commitment of paying a salary each week.  A virtual assistant is more flexible.

The other great thing about virtual assistants (VA’s) is that they often charge less than most companies as they have less overheads, thus they can provide great value in terms of helping with a wide variety of time-consuming tasks such as content marketing, social media management, and commercial research.

Working with a ‘virtual assistant’ tends to be pretty easy to set up, as it’s usually as simple as you instructing them on tasks and they get on with it.  There’s no set-up cost in terms of supplying equipment and there is a flexibility about the relationship, in that you can work with a VA on-demand – meaning you are only charged for the work undertaken each week; whereas a physical assistant would most likely require a minimum term contract and charge you for the full week irrespective of productivity or workload.

In essence, many entrepreneurs are so overwhelmed chasing their tail due to having such a high and disparate workload – meaning it might be time to consider starting to outsource tasks either to a specialist company, an in-house personal assistant or a virtual assistant.

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