How to Empower Your Employees

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Empower your employees

Why is it so common for employees to be seen as the underdogs of the company? They’re last people in line for perks, and often first in line for poor treatment. The amount of businesses out there who are treating their employees wrong in one way or another is just scary. We should be empowering our employees, not bringing them down.

They’re the driving force of your business, without them you simply wouldn’t be staying afloat. Even big companies such as Amazon have been in the news in the last few months for the way they treat their drivers so badly.

If Amazon can do it, think how many others can. We’re here to show you why and how you should be empowering your employees. They should be regarded as kings and queens within a business.

So if you ever finish your working day and think, ‘I should have been nicer then’, or ‘I could have treated them differently’, then this article is made for you. Have a read of some of our tips below.

The Working Day

We’ll start off with the biggest thing you need to think about when running a business. The working day itself can literally ruin an employee if you aren’t running it right.

One of the first things we’re going to talk about is the hours they’re working. If you’ve asked within the contract for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, that’s completely fine. But if within those 5 days you’re asking them to do 3 hours overtime each day, then things are starting to get out of order.

It is actually against the law to not leave employees with a certain amount of down time between shifts. It doesn’t give them enough rest, sleep, and out of work socialisation. Now, a lot of employees would be more than happy to work such long hours.

Most of the time however, this is due to money problems outside of work, not the fact they love the job. So what does that tell you about the pay they must be receiving if they’re prepared to work so much just for money? If your employees are working 12 hours a day, make sure they have enough breaks, and try and make as many of them paid as you can. A nice structured day would be, a 15 minute break in the morning, a 45 minute to an hour lunch, and a 15 minute break in the morning.

Obviously, the shorter the working day, the less breaks you’d need to give, Whether you pay the two morning ones would be up to you, but it would be generous to pay at least the lunch break. Employees are always searching for money, which leads us onto our next paragraph.

The money you pay them have such an impact on their quality of life outside of work. So many employees leave jobs in search for more money, when the company they’re at could of actually afforded to pay them.

Make sure you’re being as generous as possible with your pay. Not only will it equal happy, harder working employees. It’ll help to keep them loyal to your company. A high turnover of staff is the last thing that you want. It gives you a reputation outside, and inside of your business.

Pay should never be capped at the salary you employee them at. There should be plenty of room for progression in terms of salary. A lot of companies hand out pay rises every 6 months, pending a good review.


Every business has its issues. Every employee also brings its issues into the business at one point or another. If a company isn’t following the laws and legislations right, they’re liable for a court case from an employee if the issue is serious enough. For example, workplace injury is actually a lot more common than you would first realise.

 All it takes is a wet floor, a faulty machine, or a dangerous object. Couple all of this with a lack of safety training and equipment, and you’re looking at a hefty payout to the said employee. But they’re well within their rights to claim.

Their life will have been impaired in some way, shape, or form, because you didn’t follow the correct procedures in the workplace. You’ll often find yourself with troublesome employees. Some just don’t play ball like you would like them to. They might mess around, put in minimal effort, or begin to start feuds with other employees.

When this does happen, it is important that you’re following the right steps in order to discipline the employee.  The ACAS code of practice can give you some insight into what is needed from both you, and the employee.

When making them sign a contract, you need to make sure there is something about the discipline procedure they would be liable to face if the code of conduct set out in the rest of the contract is breached. That way you are protected and ready to take any action you may require.


You should always be trying to make working for your company as attractive as possible. Not only for the employees actually working for you, but for the ones that potentially might be interested in working for you. There’s plenty of benefits you can put in place to keep the role attractive.

Money always makes people work harder, so you could start monthly bonuses for the highest achievers, or the hardest workers. It doesn’t have to be anything huge to put you out of pocket, but a little bonus at the end of every month will be more than appreciated. Generous holiday entitlement is also something a lot of potential employees will find attractive about the role.

So many companies are so strict with their holiday policy. Just a little bit of flexibility, and maybe even an extra few days will change the way your employees work.

So there you go, now you should realise what it takes to empower your employees!

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