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In today’s contributing post will show you the necessary steps to take to become a virtual assistant.

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Working from home is the goal for people who need some flexibility in their life. One of the most attractive options for those that want to work from home is to become a fully fledged virtual assistant.

You can work from home or abroad – especially if you don’t have clients that need you to meet face to face on a regular basis. Many people will turn their nose up at the idea of you working from home and for yourself, but that’s usually because they’re not aware of the opportunities available for virtual assistants out there.

With the rise in the need for remote computing technology, people are taking on roles more and more that offer working from home, and virtual assistants are a pretty lucrative option!

Within the office, administrative assistants are often utilised to do as much as is necessary to keep the admin side of the business running efficiently. They also have a hand at running the office, stationery orders, sorting ID cards for employees and visitors and generally completing the tasks that are required to support the team.

In the office environment, it’s easy for an administrative assistant to become distracted. Virtual assistants don’t often have this problem, as there are little to no outside influences that are pulling them away from their task.

If you’ve got a background in office management, executive assistant and personal assistance, then you’re going to be miles ahead of the game when it comes to applying for work. The good news is that a lot of companies are seeing the merits of hiring virtual assistants and are leaning more towards doing this than bringing people on board within the office.

There is a good earning potential when it comes to working as a virtual assistant, but it can be very demanding work. Any great virtual assistant should have more offers than they know what to do with, and as the potential for earning is quite high, you could be on a good salary from the comfort of your home office.

The trick here is going to be finding the clients and building up that base. There is a lot to be said for having your own website and advertising your services on freelance websites like this as well.

What you have to focus on in the very beginning is getting as many good reviews as possible for those that you have interaction and complete work for. The more you get positive reviews, the more you will look attractive to potential clients and you can build your portfolio from there. The higher you go with your recommendations, the more salary you can command and the more offers of work you will have.

It takes some time to establish yourself as a virtual assistant. If you see the world from the point of view of a client, they want someone who is going to be communicative, reliable and available when required.

You need to be able to meet deadlines, juggle tasks efficiently and smoothly and know when to seek outside advice and help. It’s not the same as being an executive assistant in an office; you will need to have a level of concentration and willpower to be able to work autonomously.

Virtual assistants shouldn’t need too much guidance; clients will expect that you can hit the ground running with tasks and you won’t really be micromanaged – a plus for those who enjoy being trusted to work on a task without being hovered over.

Establishing yourself as a virtual assistant can feel like winning a race. The thing is, the real work begins when you are networking for more business from new clients. The market itself is very competitive, with some of the best out there being the most willing to market themselves to clients.

You have to be able to capture the attention of those looking for virtual assistants to come on board and you should consider what it is that you can offer clients above others.

Creating a niche for yourself in the market can be the tipping point to your success because then you’ve succeeded beyond what others are doing. Some of the things that you can market about yourself to look more attractive and be more coveted in the industry include:

◊  Bilingual – if you can translate more than one language, you’ll be easily snapped up.

◊ Flexible – being available during office hours especially will mean that you are better to communicate with.

◊ Availability – being connected to the internet means that you can be contacted and have a very quick response time, whether on the phone or via a messenger app.

 ◊ Knowledge – when it comes to programmes like Trello and Salesforce, the more you know, the better option you will be.

As you would do when putting together a resume (which you must never send out, read here to see why), you need to market your skills the best way that you know how so that people will want to hire you and bring you on board as their assistant.

Being eager to learn as much as possible and knowing your skills are good enough is going to get you exactly where you would want to be. Having your own website is not necessarily a must-have, but it is something that you should consider to be able to market yourself easily.

Learn as much as you can from each client that you work for; figure out how much of a need there is for virtual assistants in each industry. As you do this, you can better hone your skills and aim your marketing to the right people, putting yourself out there.

When you wonder whether you have what it takes to be a virtual assistant, you should stop. Stop wondering and start an action. You’ll never figure out whether it’s the right career for you if you’re sitting on your hands and not grabbing the opportunity of a lifetime that is right in front of you.

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