How to create a work Life balance with a team

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Today’s guest post is all about showing you how to balance your life while building your business to include a team. What am I referring to? I will let Barbara talk some more about this.

Here we are in the second decade after the millennium. We are experiencing a shift in how women work. We have women entrepreneurs who are also balancing home life.

Let me help you with what a work-life balance looks like for you. Every entrepreneur needs to think about how they spend their days. Ultimately, creating a work-life team is about you being able to spend more time with your husband and children in a way where you are not stressed.

Work-life balance is all about recognizing you can’t do it all alone. Fortunately, for us, there are many women who are out there every day offering services to help others. Get their jobs done more efficiently. For instance, there are many women who own a variety of service oriented companies.

They allow other entrepreneurial women to decide whether they’re going to have someone else do their print, mailing, or copywriting. This allows you to better plan out what balance looks like for you and your family.

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work life balance

How to achieve a Work-life balance with a Team!

A work-life team is a group of people coming together to support one another making life easier. Many times they barter services ensuring everybody gets their needs met. Then everybody gets references from people who they are working with as a work-life team.

This is a group of entrepreneurs who you seek out to help each other by doing things they struggle with or do not have time to tackle.

The group of people becomes a team by meeting together regularly to understand how each person fits into each vision.

I recommend you stay at a bartering level to avoid legal and taxation issues.

There are many options for both home and work as team options.

  • Copywriter
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Accounting
  • Child care
  • Cleaning service
  • Chef

Figuring out who needs to be on your team really means taking a step back and looking at what your needs are. What you can handle and what you would prefer someone else’s support you in doing.

You need to build a Work-life Team.

There are three things you need to consider as you build a work-life team.

  • Shared Life Values
  • Integrity and References
  • Getting Value Beyond Cost

Shared Life Values

Find teammates who share your life values. Your home and business are the foundations of your life. How you build your team is important. You want to find people who are in agreement with you. The best way to figure this out is to ask yourself what are your top five values. As you talk with potential teammates ask them what their top five values are. Finding those folks who agree with you on 4 of the 5 is a good place to start.

Integrity and References

This is probably the one area where most entrepreneurs fail to give it their all. You are building a team to be geared towards supporting you and becoming an integral part of life for you and your family.

Step back and take the time to ask the tough questions.   Be thorough. The more time you spend scoping out the members of your team, the fewer issues you will have later. Ask for references and call them.

Ask them to be very specific with you regarding their work ethic, efficiency, and dependability. Sometimes people are reluctant to be open. The one question most people will answer. Given the opportunity– Would you use their services again? A no answer speaks volumes. Take the time to build your team carefully and deliberately. This includes any new members.

Getting Value Beyond Cost

There are things every person needs beyond getting a particular job done. A housekeeper who is kind toward your kids is a value beyond the cost of the price of getting the house cleaned.

As you are thinking about the roles other people will play on your team consider what kind of person you need. What kind of attitude, aptitude, and personality type is going to work?

The ultimate reason to build your work-life team is to free yourself up to be more present in both your personal and work life. No person becomes successful on their own.

Search out business directories where you can get in touch with others, use online groups to ask for references or put out a request for help.

When does a team become necessary?

There are four factors which will let you know it is time for a team.

  • Your workload has become too much.
  • You find yourself working instead of spending time with your family.
  • You are tired and stressed.
  • You have little time or inclination to take care of yourself.

As you move toward more growth and success, be sure to consider building a work-life team.

Good luck building your team.

Barbara guest post on life balanceBio: Barbara Harvey is an expert in parenting and early childhood education. She is nationally certified through Temple University and Strengthening Families Worker. She is Executive Director of a parenting development group called Parents, Teachers, and Advocates in Atlanta Georgia. It is her passion to do group and individual sessions with parents that are dedicated to training parents to inspire, motivate, and empower their children to become remarkable adults.

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