My behind series on learning MailChimp in a sec

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learning to use mailchimp


In todays post I wanted to show you my behind the scenes video series on how I normally create and maintain my clients and myself MailChimp’s account.

I normally see a lot of persons sign on to the platform and find it to be a headache to use the platform because they are not so technical or maybe they do not have the temperance or time to use it at its full capacity.

Learning MailChimp like the Pro!

Now, as I said before, I know a lot of you might find it very hard to learn on your own so this post is geared on showing you how to use this platform to its full capacity via my video series for only $10. Click here to learn more

The video series are 12 short videos (under 7 minutes each the most) which includes a welcome video along with a conclusion video.

Also the series includes 5 videos showing you how to navigate around the platform easier along with 5 bonus videos with recommended tips on creating the main forms.

Have a look at what to do first here at the video below, then meet you on the other side here


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56 thoughts on “My behind series on learning MailChimp in a sec

  1. Nice! I am always in trouble with Mailchimp because I have no time to go deeper with it. I use it once a month or less. Lately much less. Thank you!

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