Beauty and Business: Creative Ways to Make Money

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In today’s contributing post will show you how a fun and glamorous way to earn a living in the beauty industry.

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Are you a people person with a love of beauty? If so, why not set up a business in the beauty industry?

Maybe you’re newly qualified and looking for ways to take your future career in, or perhaps you’ve been working in salons under a boss for years and are looking to branch out and create your own business.

Maybe you’re thinking of future business ideas that would allow you to earn money in a flexible way- great for working around raising children and other commitments.

All of these give you the chance to work mobile or have clients come to you, and as you’re your own boss you can choose the hours that you work.

Once you’re qualified and have gained experience, you could look into taking out a business line of credit loan and getting started from there. If you’re working mobile you’ll need a reliable vehicle, you will also need a good quality website and a marketing team who can help you to promote this. There are lots of routes you could go down, here are a few ideas to consider.


There’s a lot that goes into hairdressing, so it makes sense that you will first gain experience working in a salon before setting up your own business later on.

You will learn about everything from cutting and colouring to chemical treatments such as perming and relaxing. You will need to know how to prevent chemicals burning customers, and how to turn their vision into reality.

As all hair types and textures are different, it’s not a case of ‘one size fits all’ so you need to be knowledgeable and experienced in hair to get the best results.

Nail Technician

As a nail technician you will be applying acrylic tips, gel nail sculpting, shellac nails, painting nails, creating nail art and much more. To get qualified you will need to complete a nail technician training program, as well as the creative side you will also learn a fair amount of biology.

To be successful in your job you will need to understand the workings of the human hands, as well as the skin and nails. There are many shorter courses you can take to become a nail tech, from days and months since there are no set requirements needed.

However if you want to make it a career then it’s worth learning as much as you can. If you want to do nails as just one of your treatments then you could undertake a full cosmetology course.

Makeup Artist

Makeup is an art, and so you need a creative flair to be successful (and enjoy) this role. You could be working with brides, you could do packages for girls nights out, you could even go into special effects makeup and work on tv and movies if you’re successful!

Setting up a business as a makeup artist can be lucrative, especially if you can attract groups of people looking to have their makeup done before a night out or event.

Either of these skills could be done by themselves, or your business could cover lots of different treatments. Either way, it can be a fun and glamorous way to earn a living.

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