An Online Business Must Massage Its Fan Base

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The world of entrepreneurship has never been so alight with new creative talent before. In this new landscape, anyone can be a Rock n’ Roll star in their own right. Rather than go work for somebody else, you can be the one who calls the shots.

So anyone who becomes successful by turning their back on the ‘traditional’ way of doing things, instantly becomes an inspiration to others. Inevitably, this person is going to become the business itself, or rather the brand that attracts customers. You can call them influencers or personalities, but many stars on video sharing websites are the prime example of this.

They do what they want when they want, and due to their content and what they offer customers in the ways of products and services, they accumulated waves of adoring fans. Running an online business whether it be from an office or from home, you need to have this kind of familiarity with your customers to remain unique.

The legwork does count

The standard set up of an online business is much like a blog. You have multiple items pages that list all your products that are on sale and other pages such as feedback or blog posts with comment sections. It’s important to do the legwork or rather fingerwork and reply to every comment whether good, bad or just inquisitive.

Nothing tells customers you don’t care about them, just their money, then not replying back to them regularly on your website. The more you talk with consumers, the more likely they are to trust you. They also see that you’re not just behind the keyboard and mouse, you’re in the comment sections reading and taking on board their feedback.

Send, and you shall receive

Every online business needs to enter into the real world in some way. Without question, this is usually done with a package delivery contract as you need to ship off what people buy from your website. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling the items straight from your home where you’re storing things in a spare room or empty garage, you can’t distribute everything yourself.

One way to secure a tangible fanbase is to allow customers to distribute things back towards you. Don’t give out your physical address and instead use a virtual mailbox and or PO Box service. Located in a real professional office building, this service can act as your official business residence which anyone can mail packages and letters to.

Some fans that really support you may want to give you fan art, tokens of appreciation and other such gifts; that’s what the PO Box can be used for. Any professional business contracts can also be sent as hardcopy to your mailbox which then either sends over the documents to your email account or is ready mail directly to you if you want it that way.

An online business has something a large, rich and powerful business doesn’t, and that’s the inherent human touch. Times are changing; no one wants a faceless behemoth corporation whom they can’t connect with and fully trust. You should be working to form a tangible fan base as hard as you do to sell your wares as one hand washes the other.

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