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Sales, sales, sales. Is that not all you’re thinking about. If you’re not thinking about how many you’ve made this month, you think about how much money they’ve lost you. If you’re not thinking about the money side of things, you’re thinking about how you can make more sales.

But even at the route of that thought, money is still going to be dominating your decision process. So, what can you do to improve your sales? Well, we think you can focus on a targeted sales technique.

Rather than thinking about your sales as a whole, and the money you want to make, think about how you’re going to target the people, and what they want. Having this more direct approach to your customers is going to be so beneficial as times goes on. So, if you think you need a few tips, have a read on, and try these targeted sales approach tips.

What The Customers Want

You first have to think about what your customers want, rather than thinking about what might be the best move for your company. Some business owners, maybe yourself included, will admit that you’re driven by the hunger to succeed and to get your riches.

But if you just have a customer-centered sales approach, that’s exactly what could happen to you. Pragmatic marketing is one thing that could help you do that. It is a technique favored by big companies such as Apple and Amazon.

What is pragmatic marketing? Well, it’s a strategy that works by knowing what the customer wants, and selling products based on that. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, actually it can get a little bit confusing, and it definitely is long-winded. You need to be able to conduct market research through customer interviews pretty much every step of the way to ensure you’re creating the perfect product.

A Personal Approach

A personal approach is all about making every contact count. You need to focus on the customers you’re having interactions with, and make it feel like your company cares about them. Even if you’re selling bins, you still need to make your customers feel as though they’re special for making the purchase.

Think about personalized discounts and little incentives that will keep them happy. You also need to think about how you’re treating them during face to face contact. You wouldn’t believe the number of companies who make their customers feel so rubbish because they can’t even master basic customer service skills.

Don’t Be So Pushy

Please don’t be one of those companies that is always in the face of their customers, doing pretty much all they can to get the sales that they’re so desperate for. That often results in customers feeling pressured into a sale and then put off a company altogether. Try and focus on how you can make more sales through the products you sell, rather than the sales techniques you use.

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