3 Mind-Blowing Ways You Can Make Your Blog Even Better

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In today’s contributing post is all about making your blog even better! Follow these 3 tips.

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Most of us that are earning our income from the internet know the value of having a blog. After all, it is this that helps to boost SEO, as well as gain us followers, and give our potential clients an insight into what we can offer them.

However, that doesn’t mean that our blogs are the best they can be, or that we are getting everything right. In fact, there are always new ways to get more followers, be more relatable, and produce more engaging content. Something that you can read more about in my post below.

Use slick images

One way that many blogs that are out there can be improved is to up their image game. Of course, images are crucial to good blogging because they not only illustrate the point you are making, but they also help to contribute to the tone of the blog.

What this means that the images you select are an essential part of your branding and therefore need to reflect how you want your customers to see you.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to hunt around for some high quality, free stock images. In fact, if you can use pictures that no one else has it will make your blog stand out and assist with your SEO too, so improving your blog in multiple ways.

Create video entries

Video entries on your blog are such a great way to connect with your readers and let them see the real you. Of course, making videos can be daunting, especially if you have to record them in anything other than your first language!

Luckily, there is some help that you can get for this, and it’s by using online language courses like the ones on this site to help you improve your speaking skills. Then you will be able to chatter away at the camera and make yourself clearly understood, while producing videos that can be shared, and so will hopefully boost your blog’s presence online.

Author eye-catching titles

When you are authoring a blog, it is important to remember that the first thing most readers see is your titles. In fact, they use this to make a split second decision as to whether to continue reading your posts or not.

What this means is that you have to have eye-catching and intriguing titles if you want people to engage with the content you are providing.

Now, if you went to school for journalism, you probably have this down, but for those that didn’t, there are a few smart tips that will keep you on the right path.

For one, a title that is too long will have people falling asleep before they have finished reading it, so keep them to around 10-13 words. Also, carefully consider the audience that you are writing for and refer to them in the title if possible.

Then they will know that whatever is in the post has a direct relevance and should be read. Something that can help you get more views and comments, and so can boost the performance of your blog.

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